第一次在线学习? We’ve got answers to some of the most common online learning questions.


Yes. The online courses have the same accreditation status as our traditional courses. Your transcript will show the name of the course, when you took it, and your final grade, but it will not include 无论您是在线完成课程还是亲自完成课程.  

Can I complete my entire course online, or do I have to come to campus for part of it?

Some online courses may require that you take your exams in the 测试中心 in the 学生服务 Center on the Main Campus in Schnecksville. 例如,许多数学课程需要监考. 

如果LCCC的在线课程要求你来学校, contact your instructor at the start of the semester if this is a problem for you. They will have alternate suggestions for students who are unable to travel to Main Campus. 

All hybrid courses require that at least 50% of instruction occurs in a face-to-face classroom.

Do I have to sit down at my computer at the same time every day to learn?

大多数在线课程都是异步的, which means you aren’t required to attend class at a certain time. However, you should log into your class multiple times per week because there will be due dates for specific assignments. 有些课程需要在校园进行监考, but you can make an appointment to fit your schedule within a specific timeframe. You should check the syllabus for the class or reach out to your instructor if you have questions. 


LCCC o在线课程不直接收取任何额外费用, 但可能需要额外的监控费. 


  • Register for an online course as you would for any other course on campus. 
    • 如果你是LCCC的新生,请联系 招生办公室 的信息. 
    • 如果你是归国学生,你可以在 注册/学生记录 (也称为注册服务)办公室或网上. 
  • 准备好你需要的书和用品. The 学校书店 能帮你确定每门课程需要什么吗. 
  • 要访问您的在线课程,请登录 myLCCC. Then click on “Connect to Online Courses in Canvas” in the LaunchPad on the left side of the page. 


The amount of time spent in an online course is no different than a face-to-face course. You’ll 一般来说,每3个学分每周花9-12个小时, 15周课程.  


There are five 不同的格式 of classes at LCCC: (1) face-to-face class, (2)远程类, (3)在线上课, (4)混合型, (5)扩大教室. Visit our 教学方法 page to learn more about our 不同的格式. 


It is highly recommended that you have a computer (either Windows or Mac) and an internet connection. 如果您使用的是Windows电脑, it is recommended that you have at least Windows 7 installed as your operating system. If you are using a Mac, it is recommended that you have at least 10.13 (High Sierra)安装为您的操作系统.  

您可以查看完整的列表 技术要求 在线和远程课程.  


Learn more about the ins-and-outs of learning online as an out of state student at LCCC.


在线学习新手? 除了我们的 Canvas学生定位, we put together some tips to help you find academic success as an online student.  


  • Familiarize yourself with how to access your course(s) through the LCCC Portal.
  • Access the Canvas learning management system (LMS) by signing into the myLCCC门户 and clicking the ‘Connect to Online Courses in Canvas’ link in the LAUNCHPAD.
  • Spend some time exploring each course by downloading and reading the syllabus and viewing other materials in Canvas.
  • 确保你的电脑和软件是最新的.
  • Contact your instructors to introduce yourself and make sure you know how to best contact them.


  • Complete the 学生定位.
  • 按时完成你的工作.
  • 制定一个时间表来完成你的课程,并坚持下去.
  • Avoid any influences that will prevent you from completing your work.
  • 如有任何问题,请与您的教练联系.
  • 经常查看课程,寻找任何新的信息.
  • Keep copies of everything you submit in case there’s an issue retrieving your documents later.


  • 不要等着寻求帮助!  你等得越久,问题就越大.
  • 你的导师应该是你第一个联系的人. 他们通常可以提供最好和最快的解决方案. 他们的亚洲十大网上博彩应该在你们的教学大纲里.
  • 利用所有可用资源. 在Canvas中有一个资源列表叫做LCCC资源这很有帮助. This course can also be found by clicking on the thumb-tack icon that appears on the left-side navigation bar of Canvas.


  • Read the course introduction/syllabus for your online class carefully to find out how to best communicate with the instructor. For example, some instructors will ask you to post all questions to a class discussion forum while others will ask you to email them directly to the instructor.
  • Identify how or when you can contact your instructor for office hour appointments.
  • Take advantage of all available methods to ask questions to instructors and fellow students such as e-mail, forums, 视频会议, etc.
  • Log on to your online classroom several times a week so you can take part in online discussions and read all messages in a timely manner.


  • Start early by reviewing coursework as soon as it is made available.
  • Save it or download assignments so you can work on them away from your computer if needed.
  • Plan your work: determine how and when you will complete the coursework.
  • 制定一个时间表,帮助你在截止日期前完成任务.
  • Set your own deadlines to complete your coursework before they are due.
  • 经常保存你的工作.
  • Review your work for any errors or problems before submitting it.


  • 建立一个对你有用的促进成功的习惯.
  • Create a personal work space where you can complete our work and keep it organized.
  • 保存你的工作,并保留你提交的所有内容的副本.
  • 使用每日计划或日历让自己按计划进行 .

Study Skills

  • WRITE! 把事情写下来. 如果你把事情写下来,你会记得更牢.
  • READ! 跟上课程的阅读作业.
  • SWITCH! Switching between classes can offer a mental break between subjects.
  • BREAKS! 休息一下,避免在一门课上超负荷学习.
  • COMFORT. You are more likely to avoid distractions and focus on your work if you are comfortable.
  • TALK! By communicating with classmates you can share information or study together.

Contact Us

For more information about LCCC’s online courses, call us at 610-799-1591 or 610-799-1919. 你也可以给我们发电子邮件 onlinelearning@nancypolli.com. 我们的办公时间是周一到周五,早上7:30.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

画布支持,请联系1-855-564-4646或 support@instructure.com 


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